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Fifty Shades of Bacon

A sinfully delicious cookbook. Yeah... We also like it hot.

Tactical Bacon

In the event of a zombie apocalypse who wouldn't mind having a few cans of pre cooked bacon lining their saferoom?

Who couldn't use a tactical apron?

For the discerning chef that needs to protect their shiny bits while operating hot things.

Want to fry a flat piece of bacon every time? Use a grill press.

I hate it when my bacon gets crowded and curls up. Use a grill press to keep it flat.

Tired of grease splatter? Use a splatter guard.

Be smart, keep the hot stuff where it belongs. Having one of these reduces clean up for those splattery foods.

Want to smoke your own bacon?

I recommend one of these badboys. Connect the exhaust through ducting to a separate chamber if you want to cool your smoke, for cold cured bacon, otherwise this grill will cook anything you want.

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