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The Bacon Diet

I'm serious, yo.

Low Carbohydrate + High Fat diets are an often successful method for weight loss.

Warning: Everyone has a different body and of course your mileage may vary. Don't trust everything you hear about on the internet. Research any diet thoroughly before deciding to change your diet. Consult with an expert, if they dont know enough find another, or become one yourself.

By eliminating carbohydrates the body nolonger has to produce insulin in order to convert carbs into energy. When consuming a high fat diet the body begins producing ketones in order to convert fat into energy. This is a process known as ketosis.

When paired with a caloric restriction extreme weightloss can be achieved. A side effect of ketosis is a more sated pallet.

Read more about ketosis here.

The ketogenic diet has proved highly effective in controlling, and even curing, epilepsy. For more information (and success stories) on this glorious bacon rich diet check out the Reddit Keto Community.